Enixe – Display Fridge

Anti-fogging front ventilation.
Potentiometer for fans.
Ventilated refrigeration with pre-painted evaporator.
Refrigerator compartments (EI100).
304 stainless-steel scratchproof work surface.
Satin-finished AISI 304 steel display surface.
AISI 304 stainless-steel unit interior.
Paper holder “comfort” type in stainless steel.
R404A thermostatic refrigeration valve.
Condensate collection tank.
Binding clamp.
Superstructure with front uprights with
upward-opening square glass.
Fixed 36 cm glass top surface.
Cabinet lighting with lamp protection.
Ventilated defrosting with compressor block.
Personalised front.
Perimetrical bumper skirting.

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